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About the Mind-Body Psychotherapy Approach

Mind-Body psychotherapy for chronic pain, anxiety, and stress-related illness
Calm the Mind, Heal the Body, and Get Back to Living

A Greater Boston Area Therapist

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Dr. Leavell Offers Therapy Services in Massachusetts


If you are struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, or chronic physical pain/discomfort then please contact me today. I specialize in providing effective treatment for a variety of mental health issues and have openings for new patients.  I provide one-on-one telehealth therapy to Massachusetts residents and hope to help you reduce or eliminate physical and psychological pain.  

Recent Posts on Therapy

Small Changes for Big Relief: Reducing Stress for Busy Boston and Cambridge Area People

This post focuses on how incorporating small, manageable changes into daily routines can significantly reduce stress levels for individuals living in busy urban environments like Boston and Cambridge. Stress is a common issue for people living in fast-paced urban areas and is exacerbated by factors like high living costs, demanding careers, and congestion.  There are things you can do to lower that stress and bring some calmness to your life.


Finding the Right Therapist in Busy Boston: Your Path to Physical and Emotional Well-being

Discover a path to brighter days with Dr. Jessica Leavell's specialized therapeutic services for depression. If you're a Massachusetts resident struggling to find your way through the fog of depression, Dr. Leavell offers compassionate, expert counseling designed to light the way forward. Embrace a personalized therapeutic journey that understands your unique story and empowers you towards healing and happiness. Begin your journey to wellness today at Finding Light Psychological Services.

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