Mind-Body Treatment For Chronic Pain and Related Symptoms

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Jessica Leavell,  Ph.D.,  Neuropsychologist
Certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy
Blogger, and Lupus and Chronic Pain Thriver


Your Pain is Real

Having experienced 15 years of severe chronic pain I know how psychologically harming it can feel not to be believed. Pain may begin in the brain but that does not make it "all in your head."  In fact, brain imaging studies have demonstrated that chronic pain and related symptoms are quite real and are the result of how your brain is processing sensations.  The symptoms are very real and can be incredibly debilitating.

Another exhausting and frustrating aspect of living with chronic pain is that typical medical treatments are geared toward managing acute pain -- often generating little, inconsistent or no improvement for the individual living with chronic pain.  PRT aims to tackle that which traditional medical treatments do not address.

I am a neuropsychologist specializing in the mind-body treatment of chronic neuroplastic pain and related symptoms for adults and teens. I use evidence-based psychological interventions rooted in the latest neuroscientific research. The interventions have been shown to reduce or eliminate most chronic pain symptoms. 

What is neuroplastic pain? Recent research illustrates that chronic pain commonly originates from learned neural pathways rather than as a sign of newly occurring tissue damage.

Pain is a danger signal created by our nervous system to warn us about an acute physical threat to our bodies.  It activates the body's stress response system to help us prepare an appropriate defensive response to the acute threat.  Chronic stimulation of the stress response system, however, can result in an oversensitized nervous system -- one that anticipates, expects and then experiences pain -- following small internal or external triggers that the brain associates with past pain experiences.  Stated more simply, neuroplastic pain is a false alarm that results in the brain misinterpreting safe messages from the body as if they were a sign of imminent danger. 

Pain Reprocessing Therapy.  The goal of PRT it to retrain the brain to respond to everyday triggers from a space of safety rather than from danger, thus breaking the pain/fear cycle.  PRT is a systematic treatment that involves psychoeducation, mindfulness, safety reappraisal and positive affect induction. 

PRT Can Treat: chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, some forms of migraine, most forms of chronic back/neck pain, some forms of arthritis, facial neuralgias and many more...

​I bring with me the level of empathy that can only come from direct experience.  Explore my personal journey through pain and recovery.

Important Information 

Presently all Therapeutic Session are Completed Remotely Through a HIPPA Compliant Medical Record System. 

Due to Licensing Restrictions I am only able to see Massachusetts Residents and You Must be Present in the State at the time of our Session.

Please Note Sessions are Self-Pay and I do not Accept Insurance. I Can Provide a Monthly Superbill for You to Pursue Reimbursement from Insurance Companies 

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Jessica Leavell, Ph.D.

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