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My Story

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

I am beyond excited to begin this blogging adventure together. Today I want to lay the foundation of what brought me here as it is an different from anything I have done before. I have been a pediatric neuropsychologist for over 14 years. However, I also have a long-held love for mind body medicine. When it was time to choose a specialty, my heart led me to pediatric therapy and eventually neuropsychology. Yet even before my own health issues, my thirst for knowledge in the interconnection of mind, body and spirit never ceased. It was as if part of me knew how much I would need it one day.

Then, fifteen years ago, my own personal journey began. Just as I became a mother, I developed multiple mysterious symptoms that became increasingly debilitating. I transformed from a professionally and physically active young adult to someone simply trying to make it through each day. I found myself on a long and arduous search for answers. After several years I was diagnosed with lupus in addition to significant degenerative disease in my spine. Slowly over the years my world narrowed in many ways I could never imagine.

Then, a few months ago someone I greatly respected provided me an incredible gift when she shared that my attitude toward my pain was one of the most positive she had ever seen. My initial response was shock – because living in constant pain, my thoughts often dwell on the negative, and I did not feel deserving of such recognition. The true gift of these words was the perspective they provided. It led me to think back over my journey thus far. I realized that what began as darkness, fear, and anger has slowly illuminated into a beautiful glowing light. At times that light is close and bright while at other times it retreats into the distance. Yet it is always there. I realized that maybe I was ready to share what I have learned with others.

I personally would never claim to have all the answers as I remain on the journey and have much left to learn and to practice. Over the years searching for relief, I have tried many interventions, therapies, supplements, nutrition tweaks, and gadgets. Some have been life-changing while others have been more of a waste of time and money. It’s been a beautifully imperfect process to say the least.

This blog is for anyone – whether you struggle with physical or mental health conditions, or merely have a desire to improve your general wellbeing in this world. Through our time together I plan to share my personal search for wellness along with the holistic wisdom I have gained from others along the way. And don’t be surprised if you learn a few things about the brain as we go! I believe strongly in western science, medicine and psychology; however, I am very open-minded to a multicultural perspective to healing, and in fact have found much relief in some of these approaches. I want to emphasize that no journey is linear. There are constant ups and downs, twists and turns, good days and bad days. It is my heartfelt hope is that one day you too will find an ever-growing light inside yourself.



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